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Pelle Svanslös

Have you ever heard about the cat without a tail?

Can you imagine something more insulting to a cat? At least Elaka Måns didn´t think so. But in Uppsala this particular insult is rather considered a compliment, for in Uppsala, and the whole of Sweden, Pelle Svanslös is a highly beloved character.

Pelle and his Maja Gräddnos, the triplets Maj, Muff and Murre, Tjocka Trisse and the other cats in the blocks around Åsgränd in Uppsala are sweet childhood memories for many. There is even a soft spot for Elaka Måns and his two faithful partners in crime Bill and Bull.

SF studios has begun recording a new adventure for the good-hearted cat Pelle Svanslös. The animated film is scheduled to premiere during christmas 2019.