Jakob Martin Strid has written, illustrated and published over 25 children’s books, comics and satires. He is most likely the most popular and well known children’s book author in Denmark today. He is considered to be a new “classic author”, one that has not been around since the beginning of the 70’s when other famous Danish authors, such as Bjarne Reuter, Ole Lund Kirkegaard and Flemming Quist Møller, changed children’s literature for ever. Strid’s book have been dramatized in many theatres and the ”Den utrolige historie om den kæmpestore pære” is in production and set to become a major animated movie from Nordisk Film.

During the last couple of years Strid has become famous throughout Denmark and is on his way to make an international breakthrough. His books and comics have sold over 300.000 copies in Denmark, quite astounding, and he is published in 15 countries.

Awareness of Strid in Denmark is sky-high and in Norway and Germany he is a shooting star.

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