Frøken Jensen.

​Frøken Jensens Kogebog (Frøken Jensen's cookbook) can be found in almost every Danish home. Everyone has a copy of the book, and everyone can use it!​

If you have Frøken Jensens Kogebog you can be sure to succeed in cooking classic and tasty Danish food. The cook book is a must in every Danish kitchen. First published in 1901 the book was originally intended for those with little access to or knowledge on gastronomy.

​The book is based on all the experience Frøken Jensen gained throughout the years as a house keeper. The book quickly became a great success; it was published in no less than 27 editions during Frøken Jensen’s own lifetime. Gyldendal has continually revised the book and published it in many different editions. The book contains over 1 000 recipes – not only traditional Danish food but also modern and nutritious food, as well as food from all kitchens – food that people in Denmark enjoy!

Licensing of Frøken Jensen is managed in cooperation with Gyldendal Group Agency.