Barnkammaren (The Nursery) has its roots in Barnkammarböckerna (The Nursery Books), the loved anthologies published by Bonnier Carlsen since 1989 that have sold over 1,3 million copies. The books are filled with the very best there is to read to small children, from the cradle to kindergarten.

In 1989 Bonnier Carlsen published the first books in the series, the blue and green books, followed by the golden. It took several years until the next book would be published. In 1999 publisher Annika Lundeberg worked with the release of the red book, filled with classic stories. The silver book was first published in 2004 and was an instant success. So far in almost 300 000 copies have been sold.

Today there are ten colors in the series, a coloring book and six small books – adding up to 17 parts in the series – and more are to come!

In 2013 Barnkammaren was launched – a brand for the smallest of us, a whole world of its own with stories, songs, rhymes and chants. The pictures are illustrated by Gunilla Hansson and Charlotte Ramel, two of Sweden’s most well-known children’s book illustrators. The illustrations are treasures that bring life to the brand outside the books.

The existing collections consists of cotton plaids, pillows, fabrics, wallpaper, posters, bibs, plates, cups and bowls as well as silver jewelry.