Bonnier Brands manages brand development and licensing for some of Sweden’s most well-known and successful brands. Our portfolio consists of a wide selection of brands – such as children’s characters, authors, artists, celebrities and magazine brands.

We strive to find interesting and profitable partnerships and opportunities that result in products, services, experiences and offerings that meet the marketplace’s high demands, and that develop our brands in the long term.

Elsa Beskow
A Swedish cultural heritage. One of Sweden’s most well-known children’s book authors and illustrators. It is said that Elsa Beskow introduced the Swedish children’s picture book abroad.

Pelle Svanslös
The world’s most beloved cat makes his comeback!

The Whodunit Detective Agency
The children’s favourite and constant best seller that receives award after award. With 23 books, and more on their way, published in 30 countries, three new movies, exhibitions and even an opera the stories about Jerry and Maya (Lasse and Maja in Swedish) are one of Sweden’s most successful children’s book series and brands ever.

Stemming from the beloved Barnkammarböckerna (The Nursery Books) Barnkammaren is a brand for the smallest of us – a brand that signifies quality and care.

Sköna Hem
Sweden’s most popular and reputable interior design magazine.