About licensing.

Brand licensing allows companies to make use of protected intellectual properties (ex. brands, characters, logos) on products, packaging, services or promotions. By licensing our established and popular brands our licensees, clients and partners increase their sales by reaching new target groups, opening doors to unexplored retailers and drawing benefit from the synergies created by having Bonnier involved in their business.

Which property should I license?
Based on your specific requests we find a suitable property for your company to license. Please contact us to learn more about our brands.

The Terms
Once we have found a suitable property we discuss the contractual terms. The terms vary depending on several factors, such as which property you are interested in, which products and/or activities you intend to use the property for and which countries/territories you intend to be active in.

The Cost
If interested in licensing, the main component of payment for the use of our brands is a royalty which is based and calculated on your product’s wholesale price. The terms in the agreement state a minimum amount of royalty, a so-called minimum guarantee, which is to be paid during the contract period. Upon signing the contract an advance payment of royalty is made and deducted from the minimum guarantee. Royalty earned during the contract period is deducted from the minimum guarantee. Royalties are to be accounted for and paid to Bonnier Brands no later than 15 days after each calendar quarter.

If you are interested in a Promotion using one of our brands, the cost or promotion fee is based on a percentage of the cost of your company’s media purchase and the cost for printed materials. Promotion fees are paid in full upon signing the agreement.

The Agreement
If the property is held by a rights holder other than Bonnier Brands we submit a proposal to the rights holder for their approval. Once the terms have been agreed upon by all involved parties you shall receive a contract for your signature.

Design and Product Development
Once the agreement has been executed you will in most cases gain access to a so-called Style Guide which will provide you with all necessary guidelines and available artwork, illustrations, trademarks and design elements to use in the product development process. The guidelines outlined in the style guide are used to ensure the correct use of the brand and are intended to assist you in the development process.

Bonnier Brands and our rights holders reserve the right to approve the products you develop, ensuring the property has been used according to the guidelines. Before moving to production, all developed materials are subject to our written approval.

It is the licensee’s responsibility to make sure the licensed products are sold and marketed properly in the marketplace. Bonnier Brands is of course involved throughout the whole process and since we think every stage in the process is just as important we often set certain demands on sales and marketing activities.